Theme song(s): "Runaway" by

Hail The Villain


Promotion: WWE
Date: November 21, 2010
City: Miami, Florida

Pay-per-view Chronology:

Breaking Point 2010 Survivor Series 2010 TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2010
Survivor Series (2010)

No. Matches Stipulations Times
1 Team Kane (Kane, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Reks) defeated Team Cena (John Cena, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Batista and Shawn Michaels) Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team match 20:55
2 Candice Michelle w/ Eve defeated Alicia Fox Singles match 07:08
3 Team Andersen (Andersen, Randy Orton, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Rey Mysterio) defeated Team Nexus (Husky Harris, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Wade Barrett and Michael McGillicutty) Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team match 30:52
4 Christian (c) defeated The Rock Singles match for the WWE Championship with Edge as Special Guest Referee 17:42
5 Team Kharma (Kharma, Melina, Maryse, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly) defeated Team McCool (Michelle McCool, Layla, Natalya, Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim) Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team match 18:30
6 Sheamus defeated CM Punk (c) and The Undertaker Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship 21:15
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

(Team Kane vs. Team Cena):
Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated by Time
1 The Miz Team Kane John Cena  09:18
2 Alberto Del Rio Team Kane Chris Jericho 10:30
3 Daniel Brayn Team Cena Dolph Ziggler 13:44
4 Chris Jericho Team Cena Kane 15:59
5 Batista Team Cena Kane 16:48
6 Tyler Reks Team Kane Shawn Michaels 17:21
7 Shawn Michaels Team Cena Kane 19:02
8 John Cena Team Cena Kane 20:55
Survivor(s): Kane and Dolph Ziggler (Team Kane)

(Team Andersen vs. Team Nexus):
Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated by Time
1 Husky Harris Team Nexus Rey Mysterio 19:18
2 Heath Slater Team Nexus Alex Shelley 22:45
3 Rey Mysterio Team Andersen Justin Gabriel 22:59
4 Chris Sabin Team Andersen Wade Barrett 25:25
5 Alex Shelley Team Andersen Justin Gabriel 26:40
6 Michael McGillicutty Team Nexus Andersen 27:25
7 Justin Gabriel Team Nexus Randy Orton 28:20
8 Wade Barrett Team Nexus Andersen 30:52
Survivor(s): Andersen and Randy Orton (Team Andersen)

(Team Kharma vs. Team McCool)
Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated by Time
1 Kelly Kelly Team Kharma Gail Kim 03:32
2 Gail Kim Team McCool Kharma 07:10
3 Natalya Team McCool Maryse 11:22
4 Beth Phoenix  Team McCool Melina 11:48
5 Maryse Team Kharma Layla 12:55
6 Layla Team McCool Kharma 18:00
7 Michelle McCool Team McCool Kharma 18:30
Survivor(s): Melina, Mickie James and Kharma (Team Kharma)