Poll Results
Superstar of the Year

- Undertaker - Winner

- Shawn Michaels

- Edge

- Randy Orton

- John Cena

- Rey Mysterio

Match of the Year

- Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs Kane (c) - WrestleMania I

- Melina (c) vs Natalya - WrestleMania I

- Randy Orton (c) vs Shawn Michaels - Breaking Point 2009 - Winner

- Andersen vs Jester - T.L.C: Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2009

Diva of the Year

- Melina - Winner

- Michelle Mccool

- Maryse

- Mickie James

Finishing Maneuver of the Year

- RKO (Randy Orton)

- Tombostone Piledriver (Undertaker)

- 619 (Rey Mysterio) - Winner

- Spear (Edge)

Breakout Star of the Year

- Evan Bourne

- Jester

- Andersen - Winner

- Dolph Ziggler

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