Theme song(s): "Hunt You Down"

by Saliva


Promotion: WWE
Date: February  25, 2009
City: Seattle, Washington

Pay-per-view Chronology:

Royal Rumble 2009 No Way Out 2009 WrestleMania 25

No. Matches Stipulations Times
1 The Miz (c) defeated Randy Orton, Sheamus, R-Truth, John Morrison and John Cena Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship 32:35
2 Ted Dibiase defeated Evan Bourne Singles match 08:34
3 Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool and Mickie James (c) Triple Threat match for the Women's Championship 07:10
4 Melina (c) defeated Natalya Extreme Rules match for the Divas Championship 10:38
The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer defeated CM Punk Singles match 11:45
5 Jack Swagger defeated Edge (c), Kane, Kofi Kingston, Big Show and Rey Mysterio Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship 37:02
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
Elimination Chamber (Raw):Edit
Eliminated Wrestler Entered Eliminated by Time
1 R-Truth 1 Sheamus 03:18
2 Sheamus 2 John Morrison 15:12
3 John Morrsion 3 The Miz 21:04
4 John Cena 6 Randy Orton 30:28
5 Randy Orton 5 The Miz 32:35
Winner The Miz 4 - 32:35


Elimination Chamber (SmackDown):=====

Eliminated Wrestler Entered Eliminated by Time
1 Big Show 2 Kane 22:08
2 Kofi Kingston 5 Kane 24:55
3 Kane 6 Edge 25:02
4 Rey Mysterio 4 Jack Swagger 32:09
5 Edge 1 Jack Swagger 37:02
Winner Jack Swagger 3 - 37:02

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