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Dolph Ziggler:
Height: 6'0"Edit
Weight: 218 lbs.Edit
From: Hollywood, Fla.Edit
Signature Move: Zig ZagEdit
Career Highlights:  WWE Champion (1x), WWE Television Champion (1x), United States Champion (3x), Intercontinental Champion (4x), Hardcore Champion (3x), World Tag Team Champion (1x), WWE Tag Team Champion (1x), FCW Florida Tag Team Champion (2x), Bragging Rights Trophy (2010), Raw's Mr. Money in the Bank (2012)Edit
Slammy Awards: Slammy Award for Tag Team of the Year (2011) with Jack Swagger, Slammy Award for Match of the Year (2014)Edit
​Bio: Can it be? Can it be that Dolph Ziggler really is that damn good, the best in the business and the man who steals the show every single night — and your girlfriend too?
Dolph Ziggler stat--5553882e5ae49013853043db57de37b8
You better believe it, brother.Edit
Dolph Ziggler is the kind of Superstar that makes women swoon and men wonder what they ever did to the universe that they didn’t get the gifts he has. A record-setting collegiate athlete who set his sights on WWE and didn’t stop until he got there, Ziggler’s journeyman path to the top is completely at odds with the skill he used to navigate it. Initially cast in go-nowhere roles as a caddy and a cheerleader, Dolph finally found his calling as, quite simply, the guy who was the most talented Superstar on the card and didn’t mind crowing about it when the time was right.Edit
You’d think that a person like that would rub the WWE Universe the wrong way, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Despite his penchant for irony, Ziggler found himself squarely in the favor of the WWE Universe, who helped power him through the glass ceiling and into the championship picture, racking up WWE, Intercontinental and United States Championship reigns along the way, as well as two appearances as the Sole Survivor of a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match.Edit
Oh, and Ziggler also does stand-up comedy. It really is unfair. To the rest of us, at least. To him, it’s no big deal.Edit

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